November 29, 2018

Clear, cool fall day

The sun is warming us, the rain is past.  From my balcony looking to the north I can see all the way to Cortona, high up on a distant hill.  To my west I can see both Mount Cetona and Mt. Amiato: all in Tuscany.  When I can see these things I know I’m surrounded by beauty, fresh air and loveliness.  I count my blessings.

Olive oil

When we arrived here in early November, everyone was picking the last of their olives and taking them off to the mill for olive oil.  This area prides itself on its olive oil and this year had a bumper crop.  We have such a tiny garden — we have no olives — and no work!  We stopped at the village mill (frantoio) and purchased a couple of tin liters of freshly pressed oil. One tin we’ve been using, the other will go back to Kirkland with us in my suitcase.

Ah yes, the new oil, what’s so special about it???

The color is chartreuse, bright!  It’s cloudy!  It’s peppery!  It’s fabulous on salads and for dipping bread.  During the course of months it will turn to golden color, clarify and lose the zing and still be fabulous!

Giuliano, our neighbor, and roof technician came yesterday to plug up the leak around our ancient, rusty old roof antenna and to clean the chimney over the pellet stove, which, by the way, still sounds the alarm when turned on.  I must call the technician again, ugh.  My Italian’s. not that great over the phone, for starters, and I’m really bad when it comes to technical stuff, even in my own language!

Truck stop lunch today

Today we’ll meet Leslie, an American friend, for lunch at one of the local truck stops.  It’s behind a gas station. The food will be home made, it won’t break the bank and Leslie and I will likely be the only women in the room.  There will be truffles, black cabbage, grilled meats and fish and many delicacies. Taken for granted by the locals. Buon appetito!





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